Who we are

Origo Environmental in Campbell River provides integrated environmental and geotechnical consulting services. We are committed to delivering excellence for our clients, whilst offering high ethical standards and customer care. Although based in Campbell River, our service area also includes the Comox Valley & Vancouver Island.

Professional Team

We offer a variety of professional project management services on Vancouver Island that are based on experience and local knowledge. Our Management and Associate team are industry professionals who are registered and accredited within their own fields.

Our Approach

We will work with you as part of your extended team, and will advise on the various regulatory and technical issues confronting your Vancouver Island project. Our commitment is to provide our clients with unbiased and cost effective solutions that meet their needs.

Origo Environmental provides consulting services in the following areas:

Serving Vancouver Island

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Site Assessments

    ESA Phase I includes a visual inspection of the site, a site profile, a database search for any historical contamination and remediation planning. We can also provide GPR remote sensing of your site to detect subsurface features otherwise unseen by a visual inspection.

  • Monitoring and Management

    Environmental construction site monitoring and management, erosion and sediment control design and management, water quality monitoring programs, danger tree assessment, songbird and raptor nest surveys and permit and regulatory approval acquisition.

  • Fish and Ecology

    Fish habitat inventory and assessment, Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) studies, fish salvage and habitat isolation.

Geotechnical Services

  • Subsurface Imaging (GPR), Pipe and Cable Locating

    We’re the only consultancy in mid-Vancouver Island offering Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in addition to Pipe + Cable Locating services and BC One Call for the construction, real estate, landscaping, excavating and engineering industries. Our GPR services include Utility Mapping and Concrete Scanning using state of the art equipment. Understanding what lies beneath the surface –  before you dig or drill – can save costly mistakes and keep everyone safe.

  • Geotechnical and Geology

    In conjunction with our partners, we provide geotechnical hazards advisory, geotechnical design, and structural design consulting services. We also provide geological mapping of clastic and hard rock lithologies, road cut stability assessments, and borehole logging.

  • Geophysics

    We provide advisory, design and management services for geophysical site surveys (side-scan sonar, pinger), airborne gravity, and reflective seismic surveys (2D and 3D) for the energy and mining industries.

Corporate Membership, Suppliers and Partners


Let’s Connect.

Contact Us regarding your Environmental Issue. Origo Environmental has provided a range of Environmental and Geotech services to a range of organizations and municipalities since 2015. Let’s connect and see how we can assist you today.