Welcoming Kayt to our team

Kayt Chambers has recently joined Origo Environmental Consulting Ltd. and is excited to be providing biological services for the company on Vancouver Island. Kayt has worked as a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) and Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) in coastal resource management since 2006, while having over two decades of experience as a biologist in a variety of disciplines from drinking water quality sampling to marine productivity surveys.

Kayt’s field biology experience has focused largely on assessing aquatic habitats in freshwater and marine environments, and has involved the application of standardized survey protocols for a variety of fish, amphibian, invertebrate, mammal, and vegetation species.

Kayt provides expertise in Biophysical and Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) assessments and Environmental Monitoring (EM) services to Origo Environmental, and is experienced in supporting clients with Environmental Management Planning (EMP) and Development Permit (DP) applications.

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