Who we are

We’re a collaborative team of environmental creatives based in Campbell River and provide a range of integrated environmental and geotechnical consulting services covering the Comox Valley and the North Island. Whether you need a comprehensive study or help with specific challenges, our team will make it happen.

What we do

We offer a range of environmental and geotechnical services for local government, construction and trades, real estate, private individuals, local businesses, and the natural resource industry. Our goal is to deliver projects using proven ideas, concepts and technologies and to ensure client satisfaction

What you get

Our commitment is to provide our clients with unbiased and cost effective solutions that meet and exceed their needs and to ensure the work is tailored with no hidden cost over-runs.  We are committed to delivering excellence and client care.

Thinking of buying a rural property?

Introducing our Environmental and Hydrology services. Our assessment and summary reports will allow you to make better decisions about the future development possibilities on a prospective land purchase. These services will be of particular interest to you if your thinking of buying land that has a fish-bearing creek and/or a water well on the property.

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Providing consulting services in the following areas …

Geotechnical Services

  • Subsurface Imaging (GPR), Pipe and Cable Locating

    We’re the only consultancy in mid-Vancouver Island offering Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in addition to Pipe + Cable Locating services and BC One Call for the construction, real estate, landscaping, excavating and engineering industries. Our GPR services include Utility Mapping and Concrete Scanning using state of the art equipment. Understanding what lies beneath the surface –  before you dig or drill – can save costly mistakes and keep everyone safe.

  • Hydrogeological Services

    Water Well Assessment and Quality Sampling; Water Well Design/Drilling/Remediation/Abandonment Services; Groundwater Monitoring Design and Implementation; Groundwater/Aquifer Identification and Characterization; Regulatory Guidance.

    • What’s in your well?
    • Health check for your well!
    • Is your water safe to drink?
    • Old well? Get a new water analysis!
  • Geotechnical and Geology

    Geotechnical hazards advisory, geotechnical design, structural design, geological mapping and borehole logging.

  • Geophysics

    Advisory, design and management services for geophysical site surveys (side-scan sonar, pinger), airborne gravity, reflective seismic surveys (2D and 3D) for the resource and mining industries.

  • GIS Services

    Integrated GIS services. Basic map design. Imagery services. GIS database services. Data review and project management. Local to regional scale modelling projects.

Environmental Services

  • Habitat Surveys

    Species-at-Risk Habitat Assessments; Invasive Species Inventories and Control; Pre-clearing Bird Nest Surveys; Salmonid Presence/Absence Studies; Marine Shoreline Habitat Assessments; Stream/river Habitat Assessments; Wetland/Lake Habitat Assessments

  • Environmental Site Assessments

    Land Development Feasibility Studies; Ground Penetrating Radar; Erosion and Sediment Control Measures; Riparian Area Regulation Assessments; Slope Stability Assessments; Groundwater and Drinking Water Quality Surveys; Geomorphological Assessments.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Management Planning; Construction Monitoring; Quality Assurance Monitoring; Constructed Habitat Effectiveness Evaluation

  • In-Stream works

    Culvert installations; Fish access or passage assessments; Water main installations, and road upgrades.

  • Development Services

    Development Permit Applications; Regulatory Liaising; and Permitting

  • Project Management

    Project Terms of Reference development, Environmental Management Plan development, crew supervision, stakeholder liaising, and project reporting.

  • Habitat Restoration

    Long-term Monitoring of Constructed Habitat; Agricultural Land Drainage.

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