Legal Disclaimer: Ground Penetrating Radar / GPS / EM measurements.

January 1, 2019

Technical reports ( the ‘Report‘) are compiled by Origo Environmental Consulting Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ‘ORIGO’) for the sole use of our clients (hereafter referred to the ‘Client‘) at specific properties or sites  (hereafter referred to the as the ‘Property‘).

Any Reports, including any enclosures and attachments, that has been prepared by ORIGO is for the exclusive use and benefit of the Client and solely for the purpose for which it is intended. Unless ORIGO provide express prior written consent, no part of the Report shall be reproduced, distributed or communicated to any third party. We do not accept any liability if the Report is used for an alternative purpose for which it is intended, nor to any third party in respect of the Report.

All observations and interpretations (the ‘Service’) made within the Report are based on electromagnetic recordings using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), GPS, and/or EM readings and measurements, which may be subject to external interference. Whilst all attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of these data and the interpretation thereof and of the information conveyed to the Client (either written or verbally), ORIGO (it’s Directors, Officers, Representatives, Staff, or Associates) will not be held liable in any form for any misinterpretation, loss, damage, or expense that may become of the information presented in the Report.

The depth of exploration and the ability to provide an accurate target location of subsurface utilities with GPR and EM equipment is dependent upon the electromagnetic properties of the subsurface material(s) inspected, their dielectric properties and of other (interfering) materials close by the target location, and on the accuracy of any GPS positioning systems that may be used.

The interpretations and assumptions based on these readings and recordings are opinions based on judgements made from those acquired signals and/or other data. ORIGO does not warrant the accuracy or correctness of these interpretations, and ORIGO will not accept liability or responsibility for any loss, damage, or expense that may be incurred or sustained by any services or interpretations performed by ORIGO, or by others.

Unless otherwise requested by the Client, deliverables are limited to spray-paint/flagged markings on the ground surface at the target location(s) and to estimate the depth of the subsurface anomaly current on the day of Service.

The assessments in the Report are based on the interpretation of the information collected during investigations and/or from relevant knowledgeable persons and resources. The accuracy of the information available to or presented to ORIGO cannot be warranted and/or is the responsibility of the issuers. ORIGO does not therefore warrant the information contained in the Report that may be based on such information. The responsibility of ORIGO is to express an opinion with the Report on the information as obtained/presented regarding the environmental and geophysical status of the Property at the date of the Report.

The contents of the Report are confidential and are intended for the exclusive use to the Client unless expressly permitted by ORIGO

ORIGO accepts no responsibility for any damages suffered by a Third-Party because of decisions made or actions taken based on the Report. Any use of the Report or reliance on or decisions made based on its content by a Third-Party is at the risk of the said party. ORIGO is not responsible for any representations made by the Client to a third party based on the contents of the Report. The Client assumes full responsibility for damage sustained by any third party arising from representations made by the Client to a Third-Party on the contents of the Report.

ORIGO will accept no responsibility for any information provided to the Client that may be given verbally on the Property for any Service that is being provided.