Upstream Oil and Gas Advisory

Our geoscience team has significant experience in the upstream oil and gas business through our involvement with multinational or large independent oil and gas companies, and have experience of hydrocarbon systems in Canada, SE Asia, Europe, Offshore Brazil and Australasia.

Our oil and gas specialists are located in various countries around the globe and can assist with a wide range of services.

Promotional Services

We can assist with the preparation of technical material that will showcase your exploration activity and projects. These are clear and concise documents that focus the technical merits of an asset, often for subsequent divestment purposes.


When looking to farm into a specific asset or exploration opportunity, we can provide a scoping review through to a detailed prospectivity assessment of the opportunity. We’ll provide an unbiased view of the hydrocarbon potential of the asset. We’ll put it into regional context and will provide a risked prospect inventory. We will also provide probabilistic range of volumes for input into your economic models.


On the sell side, we can provide a full range of technical services to meet your farmout objectives. The material will cover the play system, data interpretation, prospectivity assessment, and risked volumetric profiles – everything you need to help promote your asset. We’ll build a promotional montage or flyer describing the opportunity. All of this can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Peer Review

We can provide guidance and oversight of your technical teams’ work and provide some fresh unbiased opinion on the current prospect inventory. We can undertake this through independent peer reviews and peer assists to better understand the issues associated with each prospect and, as necessary, provide alternative risk and resource estimates to improve prospect definition and ultimately generate a revised portfolio assessment.