What we offer

Origo Environmental provides vegetation and wildlife management services that are required for project approval at the municipal, provincial and federal level. We offer fish habitat inventory and assessment, Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Assessments, fish salvage, wildlife surveys, habitat isolation solutions, and danger tree assessments.

Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) assessments

Origo Environmental offers Riparian Area Regulation assessments, and has many years of experience in providing these on Vancouver Island.

Riparian areas are zones which surround streams, lakes, and wetlands, where the water meets land. If there a stream, waterfront, wetland area, ditch that is on or nearby your property, and there is a plan for residential, commercial, or industrial activity in the vicinity of these, you will most likely need a Riparian Areas Regulations (RAR) assessment.

Riparian areas link water to land. They border streams, lakes, and wetlands. The blend of stream bed, water, trees, shrubs and grasses in a riparian area provides fish habitat, and directly influences it. Protecting riparian areas, while facilitating urban development that embraces high standards of environmental stewardship, is a priority for the Government of British Columbia.

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting for construction projects is often complex and requires careful planning to avoid unnecessary impact to the natural environment. Origo Environmental provides effective planning, implementation, and communications support for these projects in all phases, including Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management.

Habitat Assessment

Everyone lives and works in an ecosystem. Ecosystems vary, but are essentially composed of the interactions between life forms in shared habitats (or the surrounding environment). Sometimes the physical property on which we live includes the habitat of creatures that are recognized as threatened and require protection. Origo Environmental knows how to identify key habitats and assess potential impacts, as well as design effective mitigation measures when impacts can’t be avoided.

Community Stewardship

An important part of our work as biologists is to be involved with community stewardship initiatives, either as advisors or active participants. Origo Environmental is committed to providing expertise when possible to such projects and considers it a valuable opportunity.