Erosion and Sediment Control

Effective Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) planning and implementation is a requirement of a development permit. It is also a requirement for all developers to abide by the laws preventing the release of sediment into fish-bearing waters, irrespective how remote this might seem.

Origo can provide recommendations and mitigation measures that will control and minimize erosion and sediment movement during all construction activities onsite. We have the expertise in developing effective ESC plans that will be effective in preventing soil erosion on your site which is a necessary requirement of most development plan permitting processes.

We can also provide Environmental Monitors to visit your site and make recommendations and can assist in implementing effective ESC measures.

The Issues and the need for ESC

Storm water runoff from construction sites can erode disturbed soils, carry them off-site and contribute significant amounts of sediment (soil) to the surrounding environment. Erosion and sediment control (ESC) techniques are important to maintaining a clean, healthy waterway ecosystem and supporting aquatic wildlife. In an effort to protect and enhance the integrity drainage systems and aquatic environments, including our creeks and rivers, many jurisdictions have adopted sustainable development practices for all construction activities.

The overarching principle of Erosion Controls vs. Sediment Controls is that it is much easier and cheaper for the developer to prevent erosion from occurring in the first place than to try and remove the sediment once it has been eroded.

We are Corporate Members of ESCBC and we help support a range of initiatives which are important for advancing the general awareness and knowledge of, and expectations for, erosion and sediment control in British Columbia.